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   Lighting Desks hire

Avolites Quartz hireAvolites Quartz hire £120.00

Touch screen, Pixel mapping

 Titan Net and Ipad/tablet remote

Powerful moving light control 


  avolites tiger pearl hire    

Avolites Tiger Pearl hire £75.00    

2,048 channels to 240 moving lights on 4 isolated DMX outputs



  scene setter 48ch lighting desk

Scene setter 48 £30.00     

48 channels dmx desk with 96 chases




 6ch lighting desk hire

Basic 6 Channel Desk            £10.00      

6 channel dmx lighting desk with master fader, mains or option to run on 9v battery






american dj wifly hire 

American Dj wiFly £15.00

wireless dmx 3pin & 5pin Transmitter / receiver.

If your working in a large room then these are a must have, they never let you down and go on all our events.



Led Lighting hire

  led up lighter hire

7x5w rgbw £12.50

white up lighter, 400hz refresh rate, no fan silent operation, iec in and out, 2 to 7 dmx channels and 3pin xlr connection.

This is also available with a black body RGBA. 

 Prolight Elumen8 Tri 8 pixel batten 

8x 30w RGB Cob led £30 


 Genric Lighting, Dimmers


2 way audiance blinders 

                                          2 way audiance blinders £10.00 650w lamps, 16a plug 




  ETC Source four jr 25/50 hire

ETC Source four jr 25/50 hire £12.00 zoom profile hpl 575 lamp 


Etc source four zoom 25/50 hpl750 hire £15.00


multi pars gkv 600 lamp 

multi pars gkv 600 lamp £10.00

 option of 4 lens, wide, medium, narrow, very narrow.






4ch dmx 5a dimmer bar £20.00


 6ch 10a dmx dimmer £25.00  


 Follow spot hire


1000w follow spot hire 1000w follow spot £75.00

comes with colour frame, iris, manfrotto stand and flight case         





Clay Paky K20 B-eye hire £105.00 day or £135 week  





Ayrton Ghibli  hire  £180.00



GHIBLI™ is Ayrton's first LED spot luminaire that is factory-equipped with a framing system designed to offer lighting designers unlimited creative possibilities without any compromise. Fitted with a LED module using a high-output, low-etendue monochromatic white light source calibrated at 7,500K, GHIBLI™ delivers light output of 23,000 lumen in a highly compact format.


The proprietary optical system, equipped with a 137 mm frontal lens, has 13 high-quality lenses, delivering an 8:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 7° to 56°. The optics produce an extremely uniform fat beam with no hot spot.

The selection of gobos and colours was made in collaboration with lighting designers to meet the needs of the entertainment industry.

Standard features on GHIBLI™ include a CYM colour mixing system combined with a variable CTO and a six-position complementary colour wheel to produce in an infinite palette of pastels and saturated colours.

The luminaire is fitted with an entirely new filter for optimising the colour rendering index. The framing system allows each frame to be positioned with precision on a 100% surface area in all positions. The effects section includes two wheels with interchangeable HD glass gobos: one with seven rotating and the other with eight fixed gobos; a continuous dynamic effects wheel; an iris diaphragm; two frost filters and a four-facet rotating prism. For optimum stability, GHIBLI™ is equipped with a new, highly effective phase-change liquid cooling system using a heat pipe.


Martin Rush MH3 hireMartin Rush MH3 hire moving 5R beam light, also known as sharpy 17 gobo 14 colors rotating 8 facet prism frost filter and focus. £50.00

These where used at eurovision 2014 


Outdoor Lighting hire



Outdoor 12x3w tri led hireOutdoor 12x3w tri led hire £20.00

full colour mixing, stand alone or dmx control, ip65 rated







Encapsulite hire white mt50 outdoor fluorescent ip67 126cm long with 16a in £10.00


Encapsulite mt70 hire Encapsulite hire white and blue mt70 dual fluorescent ip68 129cm long with 16a in and out £20.00



150w discharge hire ip65 flood £10.00 

400w MBI flood £15.00 

  If your looking to light up large outdoor areas then these are the lights for you.

Outdoor stands are available for £15 



Led Emergency fire exit sign

battery backup and 16a in and out 

3 hour battery backup life  £10.00



Special Effects hire

Real Flame Machine hireReal Flame Machines with a 6ft heigh flame dmx 512, we recommend outdoor use or for large venue £50.00






Co2 dmx controlled jet hireCo2 dmx controlled jet hire, comes with 6 meter hose connection to uk standard co2 bottle £100.00

Price includes gas 





Martin atomic 3000 strobe hireMartin atomic 3000 strobe   £25.00





Smoke factory Tour hazer £45.00

Martin magnum 2500hz Hazer £25.00  

Martin Rush Smoke machine £25.00  




1200mw full color animation laser ILDA compatible and DMX                  £100.00





confetti machine hireConfetti hopper       £25.00






Chauvet Funfetti  Confetti £25


 bubble machine hirebubble machine £25.00






 Le Maitre Arctic Snow machine hire £30



low fogger hire Dry ice effect, just add ice cubes or freezer ice packs, comes with low fog fluid £30.00



Le maitre pea super dry ice machine £45 



12ch wireless pyro system £50.00    

40cm mirror ball with motor   £15.00 

400w uv cannon £20.00


Led uv pannel hireLed uv pannel £15.00                 






    Rigging and stands

 All our Global Trussing is the premium  polished finish with the higher spec 3mm wall for better load ratings


Global Truss F34 PL 0.5m straight £5.00

Global Truss F34 PL 1m straight £10.00

Global Truss F34 PL 2m straight £20.00 

 Global Truss F34 PL 3m straight £30.00

 Global Truss F34 PL 3 way 90 degree corner £25

 Global Truss F34 PL 2 way 90 degree corner £20 

Global Truss F34 PL T 3 way £20 

 Global Truss F34 600 x 600 x 8mm steel base plate 22kg £10.00 

 Global Truss F34 800 x 800 x 10mm steel base plate 60kg £20.00

 Global Truss F34 PL base or top plate 308 x 308 mm £2.50 

 Global Truss F31 1 meter 180 degree £5.00 (makes 2m circle)

 Global Truss F31 1.5 meter 90 degree £6.00 (makes 6m circle) 

 Global 28mm spigot with truss adaptor, fits truss from 25cm to 40cm £5.00  

 Global Truss Curtain call pipe and drape 1.8m-4.2m vertical           £5.00 

 Global Truss Curtain call pipe and drape 2.4m-6.0m vertical £7.50  

 Global Truss Curtain call pipe and drape 2.1m-3.6m cross bar         £2.50

 Global Truss Curtain call pipe and drape bace plate with spigot        £1.00 

 Global Truss Curtain call pipe and drape double drape top hat          £1.50

 Global F31PL black drop down bars with stirrup 0.5 to 3m drop £20 each 



Manfrotto windup stand 087 nwb 3.7m max height 28mm spigot    £25.00

 Yale 1ton manual pull chain hoist 10m lift £30.00          

3m round 3ton sling £2.00

6m round 3ton sling £3.00

2m 1ton lifting sling £1.50





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